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The  Nostalgia Music Group is one of Denver's premier performance groups and  plays a wide range of folk/rock/country/blues, including Gordon  Lightfoot, Ian & Sylvia, Jim Croce, CCR, Everly Brothers, Kingston  Trio, and Patsy Cline and many, many more. Currently, the primary group members are Jim Malatchi, Barbara Henry, Monica Lobser and Charlie Rosario. Twelve-string and 6-string  guitars, three-part harmonies, mandolin and bass combine with  strong male and female lead & harmony singers, offer you a  full-bodied performance that will have you tapping your feet &  singing along - you'll be amazed at how well you remember these  songs.....some of which you may not have heard in decades!  
The Nostalgia Music Group has grown to include a wide variety of guest artists. The guest players will vary from show-to-show. 

Jim Malatchi

Jim Malatchi is the founder of the Nostalgia Music Group. His  love of music started in Jr. High when he was dancing to the music of  Elvis, Buddy Holly, The Fleetwood’s and the rest of the gang blasting  away from a juke box at the local soda fountain. He started learning to  play the guitar in the early 60’s and was attracted to the guitar  stylings of Joan Baez and the influences of Gordon Lightfoot, Jim Croce,  Ian Tyson and similar artists. Jim’s vocals are deep, smooth and  expressive and he plays the 6 and 12 string guitars with style and finesse.

Barbara Henry

Barbara Henry is a very gifted vocalist and performer. When she starts singing, you can't help but to take notice.  Barbara's singing career began in 1987 in a local choir, Last Note Singers, which led to a several years in an acapella group called Penn Street.  When this group disbanded, three members formed a band called Cottonwood.  Together they cut two successful albums and performed frequently all over the Denver area.  In 2005, she joined with pianist and vocalist Mark Reinhardt and has been singing cabaret shows in the Denver area.      

Monica Lobser

Monica's Bio here

Charlie Rosario

Charlie's Bio here

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